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Trains-Trains inc.
Eco-friendly and safe small electric trains


Trains-Trains inc.
Eco-friendly and safe small electric trains


Our little electric trains are for rental with the service of our professionnal drivers.

Parties and festivals

Make your party memorable.

Our little electric trackless train have such a power of attraction.
On sight they get so much attention, it's a family activity for everyone to have a good time.
Colorful and charming they enhance users visits and are worth the trip.

Tourists sites

What about something else.

With their unique feature our little electric trains are a source of happy memories to make a day memorable.
Since 2013 scrolling in Montréal Vieux-port millions of people still remembers a special day because of this colorful caboose was riding around.
Choo-choo a sound that brings you right back in time.
Simply unforgettable!


Urban parks

Electric so ecofriendly a conscience we want to share with the new generation.
An electric motor guaranteeing a non-polluting diverting activity.
A breath of fresh air provided by a little ride that could be educational or ludic but surely pleasant, in perfect harmony with the calm and peaceful environment.


Want to  make something shine?
Add celebrities or heroes, notable figures or mascot aboard the train scrolling down parade.
They surely will be the highlight of the day!
Some advertising could also be positioned on top of the wagons for sponsors to feature in an unconventional way.

Malls and outlets

Our little steaming look alike little electric trains runs at a walking speed.
A special attraction to enhance the holidays, back to school event, sidewalks sales or just a special celebration, they are one of a kind.
They travel safely inside malls with they're unique conception and our railway mans are used to the crowd.
A ride along a charming train, one more reason to go shopping!

Sidewalk sales

Looking forward to renew and animate your event for an affluent crowd in the local businesses?
Attract people from a bigger territory and keep them longer on site. Get some sponsors to feature on the train for a great exposer on a crowded day.
To everyone's delight offer a ride aboard a solid crafted creation and the day exceptional.


Customer or business visit

For a grand opening, guest or business visit of the warehouse or a launch of a new product with a unconventional way?
Our charming little train will enhance the event and offer an original and amusing sightseeing of the place.
Offering educative tours and stopping stations travelling a little path would be something to talk about!

Christmas tree drops

Several companies have chosen Trains-Trains to immerse themselves in the holiday season.
No one is on the naughty list? Treat them to train rides on your next
Christmas tree stripping.

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