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Trains-Trains inc.
Eco-friendly and safe small electric trains


Trains-Trains inc.
Eco-friendly and safe small electric trains

About us

Operating our fleet of little electric train since 2013.
For urban parks, touristic sites, shopping malls, celebration, parades and many more reason, we are offering rental and operating service all around north America.
Colorful and attractive are few of the special features these beautiful craft solid conception, they assure everyone safety and they are trustworthy. Trackless train travel on wheels and look like classic the old fashion steam train. The cabooses are realistic with they're sounds effects and smoke diffusors, steam is coming out the chimney.
Our team of engineers are joined to offer a professional and courtesy visit to all users.

Within the years of experience guarantees a powerful attraction among the population of all ages. Multigenerational and out the ordinary a great family activity. Eco friendly safe and silent they can travel indoors and outdoors all year around. What about a Grand activity for Grand parents and Grand childs to share great memories.
That makes them even more unique!

Technical details

Our little trains power source is an electric motor.

They are eco friendly, safe and quiet.
Scrolling around with their amazing power of attraction, indoors and outdoors all year round.

Between 16 and 20 passagers aboard, it will ride along a flat surface for 10 to 12 hours with the battery capacity.

Widht: 42 inches
Lenght: 33 feet
Complete 180 degrés turn: 18 pieds

Few of the special features of this colorful attraction will turn this little trip into a magical moment. The caboose will let out smoke to emulate the original steam train. Decorative wheels are in mouvement for a amazing glance and the typical and memorable sound will get everybody around.

One train is composed with one beautiful caboose and 4 colorful wagons.

Charcoal wagon
Two passagers wagons
Tail wagon

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